Black Desert 3 Days Subscription




All resolutions (Full Screen Windowed && Windowed Mode)
Auto fishes – auto recognize loot – auto recognize event items (1 or more)
Harpoon Fishing
Auto swap fishing rods
Worker Feeding with 3 different methods
Simple statistics
Nice and powerful single item sniping bot
Support for EN ,FR , DE , KR , MENA and Japan-Eng Patch, SEA – GamezBD
Support for AZERTY Keyboard
New Statistics (Avg. Fishing Time , Total Casts , Percentages of Drops)
Auto Relog (Supports English Region For Now)
Two automatic methods of solving the timing mini bar Choose the best for you
Auto Restock and back to spot
Nice and powerful market sniping bot that can snipe multiple items using the Market *Registration notification also it can snipe only 1 item stack or single
Task Scheduler that can switch between your chars to do different activities
option to loot only if captcha letters lay between a range for example ( min = 3 , max = 6 ) it will only solve the captcha for the number between those 2 values and will restart fishing if the # of letters < min or > max ( can be useful to increase fishing speed or to look more human while fishing)
Auto channel switching every XX mins the bot will pick random server from list of servers u define
Auto Pause after XX mins for XX mins
Auto kill client when you disconnect
Auto Kill game client after XX mins
Sniping while fishing Using Maid
Delay Before Catching the Fish
Semi AFK Fishing
Selling Relics while fishing using Maid
Auto Relic Scrolls Creating
Fish Discarding while AFK Fishing
Battle Macro Recorder
Water Collecting